Proven clinical data

e.p.t.q. manufacturing technology is creating a 100% crosslinked hydrogel allowing optimum rheological property with a minimum usage of BDDE.

Efficacy Assessment

From the WSRS(Wrinkle Severity Rating Scale) results (reduced compared to the baseline scores) evaluated by independent expert panels and blinded investigators, we were able to see the wrinkle improvement of the group.

Figure 1. WSRS mean value change at 8, 16 and 24 weeks compared to baseline assessed by blinded investigators.

Participant Self￾Satisfaction Assessment

Although there was no statistically significant difference in evaluating the satisfaction of the treatment with the tester and the subject’s GAIS(Global Aesthetic Improvement Scale), in general, the satisfaction level of the test group was similar or slightly higher than that of the control group.

Figure 2. GAIS mean values at 8, 16 and 24 weeks evaluated by subjects

Ref. Clinical Study Result, Department of Dermatology, Chung-Ang University Hospital, Korea 2017